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Client Feedback

Client Feedback

“Pamela was absolutely amazing! From the time we started with a sample page to editing the last page she was superb with her professional service that was always on time, affordable, and of excellent quality. Her suggestions and edits helped me get my manuscript in perfect shape! She exceeded all my expectations, and I would highly recommend her editing services.”
Susan Gayle, author of “The Caves of San Pietro”

“I can’t say enough good things about Pamela Taylor as proofreader, mapmaker, and general guru of literary form. She draws on her history background, love of languages, and editing foundation to shape manuscripts and bring ideas to life on the page. Beyond that, she’s wonderful to work with, easily accessible, open, and personally a delight.”
Michele Levy, author of “Anna’s Dance: A Balkan Odyssey”

Survey comments from Ink & Insights 2018
Contestant A: I love that she loved a character who is in fact a creature fabricated from my mind and hopes he is not just a plot device. (He’s not. He actually becomes the companion of my main character throughout the duration of the story.) I just love that he’s loved. 🙂
Contestant B: I particularly liked the way Pamela Taylor pointed out sentences she liked, as well as those she felt were awkward.

Contestant C: Overall  she was very good at telling me what I did right and wrong, and how to apply what I did right to improve the areas that need work.
Contestant D: Though she wasn’t my lowest-scoring judge, I do feel Pamela was a bit more critical of my work than my other judges–but that’s ok! She gave me things to think about, and confirmed a slight fear of mine.

Survey comments from Ink & Insights 2017
Contestant A: I felt this judge certainly put significant research in and appreciated that.
Contestant B: I love Pamela’s feedback. It was positive and offered up some good suggestions.
Contestant C: Pamela also gave a good combination of congratulatory and corrective feedback. It is so helpful when judges say “this is what works, and this is what doesn’t, and here’s how to correct that.” She is detailed [sic] oriented and provided me with areas that I need to fix and what I need to focus on. She let me know that I was going in the right direction and the areas that I needed to correct. This was invaluable for me.

“My friend who recently retired as a lead editor at a major university press was impressed with the quality of your work.  She had insisted I find a good copy editor and told me I was fortunate to have found you.”
Laurence O. McKinney, author

“Pam combines elegance, practicality and presence into the crafting of business and literary works of art that capture the heart of the message and create a memorable impact to the audience. As a collaborative partner, she is a catalyst for action who can help ferret out the most powerful parts of an argument, concept, or vision and ultimately transform it into a simple, “aha moment” kind of message. Her writing skills are exceptional, her coaching and facilitating skills are world class, and she helped make me a better executive, presenter, and group leader.”
Jim Hendrickson, Professor, The Ohio State University, 30 year corporate executive veteran

“I’m a senior executive that has worked with Pam for nearly 20 years. Over this period, Pam has literally been my right hand behind the scenes for almost all of my presentations and many other business artifacts. My professional image, which is well received by clients and business leaders, can be attributed directly to Pam’s intuitive method of working with me to render a personalized, professional document. I am always telling her that she makes me look great, and I strongly recommend her services to any professional or individual who’s looking for personalized, highly impactful written communication.”  
Brian G., Executive Vice President, Boston, MA

“When I first started working with her, I would fret at Pam’s concern about my 57-word sentences or her suggestions to completely reword entire sentences or paragraphs.  It didn’t take me long, though, to see that she was right.  Add her grammar skills into the mix, and you’ve got the complete editor.” 
Marketing Manager, National IT Association

“I was fortunate to have Pam as a part of my organization and as a trusted adviser for 6 years.  During that time I managed marketing, product management and alliances for organizations from $600 million in revenues to over $1.5 billion.  We often needed to communicate fairly complex concepts to a broad range of internal audiences to ‘sell’ our proposals and gain consensus for action.  Pam was outstanding at understanding the context of each interaction and helping me create presentations that simply, concisely, and elegantly communicated key messages.  To external audiences she was able to identify and help us convey thought-provoking and impactful content that would convince them of the benefits of partnering with us and investing in our solutions.” 
Joel Reed, Senior Vice President, Sterling Commerce, and Executive Director, IBM