Editing 4 You

How I Work

How I Work


There are three key elements to how I approach a project:

  • Style and reference materials
  • The markup and commentary that are the physical manifestations of an edit
  • How I collaborate with you to achieve your goals

The first two are the science of editing.  The third is the art.  The combination is what transforms your manuscript to its next phase.


Style and Reference

Style guides and dictionaries are the basic reference materials for an editor. In fiction, of course, the author’s style is vitally important. Unless you or your publisher specifies a definitive source, I find it useful to cross-reference multiple resources to ensure we get the best result.  Continue reading …

Markup and Commentary

For electronic submissions, I use the “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word for in-line editing markup. I also use MS Word’s Comment feature to provide marginal notes to explain the changes, address more complex issues, or offer you choices for a resolution. Continue reading …

Collaborating with You

Our initial contact will most likely be by email. While this is a comfortable medium for me, it may not be your favorite. I am happy to engage with you on the phone, via Zoom or Skype, by email, or through text messages. Continue reading …

My confidentiality pledge to you

I know that the work you entrust to me is your intellectual property and that I have an obligation to protect it. I never load your work on open or public servers or devices, and I ensure that unauthorized individuals do not have access to it. My pledge is to treat your work with the same care and consideration that I would expect for my own.