Editing 4 You

What You Get

What You Get


Here’s what you’ll get at the completion of your project:

  • For copyedit, line edit, or combo edit projects
    • Editorial Summary — an overview of the project, highlighting the strong points of your manuscript and summarizing other recommendations
    • Complete Manuscript with Markup and Comments — allows you to evaluate each recommended change and selectively accept or reject it
    • Clean Copy of Your Manuscript with all edits applied and comments removed — often easier to read than the markup, allowing you to see the effect of the edits prior to making your final revisions
    • A style sheet that documents decisions for the author and for proofreaders or other editors who may work with the manuscript during publication
  • For proofreading projects
    • Complete Manuscript with Markup and Comments
  • For manuscript evaluation/critique
    • Overview assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscripts, ideas for improvements, and possible next steps to consider
  • For developmental edit projects
    • Combination of assessments, suggestions, markups, and/or examples as appropriate for the stage of your writing
Samples for Download

Editorial Summary

Markup Sample 1

Markup Sample 2

Clean Copy Sample 2

Style Sheet

Manuscript Critique

If we’re on a cadence of checkpoints, you’ll get interim deliverables of appropriate artifacts. If you’re new to using “Track Changes,”  there’s a handy guide on the Tutorials page.

Two important things to remember:
  • This is your work.  The final decision on which edits to accept, which to reject … and even what to completely revise … is yours.
  • If there are things that concern you or that aren’t clear … or if you’d just like to better understand the rationale for any of my recommendations … I’m happy to discuss them with you. Please don’t hesitate to ask.