Editing 4 You


Editorial Services

So let’s talk about what kind of editing you want. If you haven’t previously worked with an editor, you may be unfamiliar with the distinctions we make among the levels of editing. The chart below shows my standard services and what you should expect from each. Typically, my rates are hourly and range from $30 to $50 per hour, depending on the complexity of the service. If you’re more comfortable with a per-page or per-word basis, I’m open to discussing those options. Let’s evaluate the work required by assessing a small sample of your manuscript before settling on the rate basis.

If you don’t see what you think you need, let’s talk about a custom engagement. The most important thing is that we agree on a service that meets your objectives at a fair price for both of us.

Manuscript Critique
I’ll read your entire manuscript in a single pass and provide a high-level assessment of such things as character development, plotting and pacing, the overall arc of the narrative, storyline development and interweaving, use of dialogue, writing technique/style, and things that may be red flags for agents and publishers. You’ll receive an editorial summary, and we’ll have a follow-up call to discuss any of the findings at whatever level of detail you wish. 
Developmental Edit
In-depth work on the structure and development of your story. Do your characters ring true? Is your story line going somewhere? Is it going where you want it to? Are back stories well-developed or can they be improved? Will the reader understand what you are trying to say? Do you understand your audience and are you speaking to them effectively? How crisp is your narrative? Are there things that are superfluous or diversionary that don’t actually propel the plot or the character development? We’ll work together on a scene-by-scene basis to refine and polish your work.
Line Edit
Checking for continuity, rhythm and pacing, consistency within your own style, usage, active/passive voice, awkward phrasing or structure, issues with tense, repetition that doesn’t enhance the text, point of view, and the like
Check of grammar and punctuation, usage, style, overall consistency within the manuscript
Combo Edit
Many authors hope to achieve cost savings by combining the line edit and copyedit processes. The rate for a Combo Edit is somewhat higher than for the individual services; but if your manuscript is in good shape, it may be a cost effective approach. 
Final once-over before publication for spelling and punctuation errors, silly typos, and egregious grammar issues that crept in on final revision
Quick Polish and Cleanup
Light copyedit plus proofreading in a single pass through the document
Beta Read
I’ll read your manuscript as if I’d just purchased it and provide feedback on how I think it will be received by your target readers.
Writer Coaching
What are the areas of your writing that cause you the most trouble? Is it writing believable dialogue? Is it sticking to point of view? Do you have too much “tell” and not enough “show”? Or is it just plain old grammar and sentence constructs that you struggle with? Let’s work together on some parts of your manuscript to simultaneously improve your skills and polish your book.

Keep in mind that the services provided by an editor do not guarantee acceptance by an agent or publisher nor do they guarantee that the work will be well-received by the intended audience.